Meal Prep Huh?

I’m a full-time Nutrition/Food Science teacher and fitness competitor, and a part-time student. I’m showing everyone who says they “don’t have time” to meal prep that they actually don’t have time not to.

Erin Johnston
Meal Prep Does a Body Good!

My healthy recipes use 5 ingredients or less, can be made in large quantities and portioned out for the week “meal prep” style, are fast and easy to make, and never use soy, gluten, or microwaves for preparation.

Sub Five Meal Prep
Quick, easy, and delicious meal prep recipes in 5 or less ingredients

If you’re like me, you don’t have a lot of time to meal prep, but know it’s the best way to healthfully achieve your goals, without spending a ton of money. If I see a recipe with a crazy long list of ingredients or complicated directions, I know I won’t take the time to make it.

I’ve been “meal prepping” using the recipes on my site for over 5 years, and I’ve perfected them for quick, tasty meal prepping with minimal ingredients. I’m showing you how to do the same with!

The best part? All recipes and meal prep how-to’s are free! If you are seeking additional help or guidance in the form of meal or macro planning, diet coaching, or contest preparation, please see my services page.

To get started meal prepping, check out Meal Prep 101 for essentials, step-by-step instructions, and a grocery list.

Meal Prep

Believe me, once you start meal prepping for the week, you won’t go back. It’s convenient, and it saves time by not having to cook the rest of the week! Give it a try, and please give me feedback on how I can improve Sub Five Meals to help you prep faster and better!